Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time for a New Soap Challenge

I don't know about you but I miss Amy Warden's of Great Cakes Soapworks weekly soap challenges.  Each week anyone making cold process soaps could join in for a soap challenge using a particular technique.  She allowed everyone to upload their works of art to share.  I really think a lot of people had fun and, of course, made incredible soaps.  If you don't follow Amy's blog, you should really check it out.

Like any great idea, people don't want it to end and will come up with a new, interesting twist to keep the ball rolling.  Such is the case with Anne-Marie Faiola of Bramble Berry, who hosted a technique challenge for melt and pour soapmakers on the Soap Queen blog.  Again many people joined in and created some awesome glycerin soaps.  Now if you are not following the Soap Queen herself, you are really out of the loop.  Just follow the link above.

Well I had absolutely no intention of making a soap challenge on this blog - the thought never crossed my mind.  That is until I was surfing on Pinterest, my latest obsession which I will talk about in a later post and stumbled upon some incredible color palettes.  I instantly thought SOAP like any normal person, which then made me think how interesting it would be to have a soap challenge that won't end anytime soon and could allow cold process, hot process, and melt and pour soapmakers at any ability level to join in the fun. 

Hence, the Color Palette Soap Challenge (CPSC) is born.  Here's how it will work. 

Every Sunday I will post a color palette with 3 or more colors.  Soapmakers will have 1 week to create any soap using at least 2 colors on the palette.  You can make ANY kind of soap you want using ANY technique you want with ANY coloring ingredients you want.

Like Amy, I will use the InLinkz tool which allows you to upload or link-up your soapy creation so that everyone can see it, placing your artisan soaps in front of others on a regular basis.  I, for one, looked at every soap photo throughout the other two contests and even found some new blogs to follow.  Additionally,  I will choose 3-5 photos each week to display in a blog post to highlight both soapmakers' work and their creative use of the color palette.  Those featured will get their works of art placed on my Pinterest board for the challenge displayed next to the inspirational color palette.

What gets you featured?  Creativity using at least 2 colors, a beautiful finished product, and a halfway decent photo.  I understand many are not photographers, but we a need a clear picture with good natural lighting.  You also must include a link to the current color challenge with your post featuring your soap on any of these social media outlets - your Blog, business Facebook, Pinterest pin, or YouTube video.  It doesn't have to be an advanced technique to get you featured either.  Sometimes simple soaps are just as beautiful as elaborate designs.  This challenge is for newbies and seasoned pros.  Every one's photos and links will be displayed as thumbnails on this blog.  The featured soaps in full size photos will be based purely on what catches my eye at the time, and in no way reflects negatively on anyone else.  It's an opportunity to push you to be creative.

Throughout the color challenge I may throw out additional challenges.  Perhaps I'll ask for a landscape soap in the featured colors or an ombre layer.  These additional challenges are optional for added fun.  The real challenge is using the colors to create any kind of soap...go with layers, peaked tops, embeds, swirls, two-tones, whatever you like.

Color palettes will feature colors appropriate for the seasons so that you can make your seasonal soaps while joining in the challenge, while still being fresh and inviting.  In other words, fall will not be restricted to just orange, red and yellow but many colors that fit such as teals and greens as well.  I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone to participate.  You can join in on ANY challenge along the way.  You do not need to register or participate in all color palettes.  Pick and choose what works for you.  This challenge is on going with endless opportunities so jump in whenever you are inspired. 

I really liked Amy's options for allowing you to link-up your photos and promote your soaps and this challenge.  I am allowing the same options plus a Pinterest option.  Here are the specifics:

  1. Sunday the color palette is posted.
  2. You have 1 week to create a soap using at least 2 colors in the palette, as close as you are able to get the color.  It's soap, I understand there are some limitations.
  3. Use any recipe, any coloring ingredient, in any soap medium - cold process, hot process, melt and pour
  4. Additional colors are not allowed except for neutrals - black, white, grey, tan, ivory, shimmery gold, shimmery silver (you can post them, but I will only feature soaps following the palette)
  5. Photograph your cut soap and promote it on your blog, business Facebook,YouTube or Pinterest boards with a link back to the current color palette (the one you are using for color ideas that week), so others can find us and join in, too.  It would be really cool if you tell everyone how you created your colors (perhaps I can compile a color formulary for everyone)
  6. Saturday the InLinkz goes live for 1 week. 
  7. You have 1 week to post your photo on this blog linking to your blog, Facebook,YouTube or Pinterest pin (that way everyone can find you on the net)
  8. When the challenge ends, I'll pick 3-5 creative soaps from the InLinkz for the week and post them to this blog as featured artisans.
  9. I'll add featured artisans and others that catch my eye to my Pinterest board so others can see what you have made using the color palette.

The first Color Palette Soap Challenge will start on this Sunday.  Want a sneak peek at the color?  Click Here.  Regardless of your participation level, you can get inspired each week with a different set of colors for your soaps.  Feel free to spread the word to your friends and followers that may be interested in joining or following the CPSC.  Feel free to ask questions and leave comments.

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  1. Sounds like a fun way to get some color ideas too!

  2. Ooooh, I love the idea. I'm in :)

  3. Great fun!!! I may have to try a few... :)

  4. I loved Amy's challenges too, and I love the idea of the colour palette. Better go check on my colourants!


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