Sunday, September 16, 2012

Color Palette Soap Challenge - 4 - Fall Leaves

This is challenge 4 of the Color Palette Soap Challenge - CPSC. I am going to run the challenges every other week giving you 2 weeks to complete a challenge instead of just one, plus a week to link it up.  I will post a color palette, you create any soap you'd like using at least 2 colors (you can add nuetrals, see the rules below). You can join in any time. I'm sticking with fall palettes since I know many of you are getting your fall soaps out soon. At the end of the 2 weeks, you'll have 1 week to cut, photograph and promote your soap on your blog, business Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest board and link it up. When you are promoting your soap, provide a link back to this page of the challenge. Full rules are below. Instructions for linking up will appear on next Saturday. Have fun!

I made this palette up myself to get enough color choices.  Let's make things interesting and add to the challenge.  Choose at least 2 colors and use ANY swirl technique.  Remember that neutrals are allowed in any challenge.  You do not need to make the soap in a fall theme.  Try to push yourself to do something different than you typically do.

Rules for CPSC:
  1. Sunday the color palette is posted.
  2. You have 1 week to create a soap using at least 2 colors in the palette, as close as you are able to get the color. It's soap, I understand there are some limitations.
  3. Use any recipe, any coloring ingredient, in any soap medium - cold process, hot process, melt and pour
  4. Additional colors are not allowed except for neutrals - black, white, grey, tan, ivory, shimmery gold, shimmery silver (you can post them, but I will only feature soaps following the palette)
  5. Photograph your cut soap and promote it on your blog, business Facebook,YouTube or Pinterest boards with a link back to the current color palette (this page), so others can find us and join in, too. It would be really cool if you tell everyone how you created your colors (perhaps I can compile a color formulary for everyone)
  6. Saturday the InLinkz goes live for 1 week.
  7. You have 1 week to post your photo on this blog linking to your blog, Facebook,YouTube or Pinterest pin (that way everyone can find you on the net)
  8. When the challenge ends, I'll pick 3-5 creative soaps from the InLinkz for the week and post them to this blog as featured artisans.
  9. I'll add featured artisans and others that catch my eye to my Pinterest board so others can see what you have made using the color palette.
  10. Have some soapy fun!
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  1. Erica,

    I love the colors!


  2. What a super fun color challenge, you picked just gorgeous colors for this one! :)

  3. where are the resulting soap photos from this color challenge please?


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