Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CPSC Spiced Palette Soap Reveal and Tutorial

Week 3 Color Palette Soap Challenge - Spiced Palette.  This week I made a layered soap in a Hot Buttered Rum scent.  Besides smelling awesome, I love the colors. 

First prep your colorants.  I used red oxide, yellow oxide, and titanium dioxide.  Make 1 color with 3 parts red, 1 part yellow.  And the second color a strong yellow with a touch of red.  Make your soap.  At medium trace, mix about 1/3 of soap with the red mixture.  But only place 1/4 of the total batch into the mold. 

Add 1/4 of soap to the red mixture, which should lighten it to another shade of orange red.  Layer this over the top of the red layer.  Do so, by gently spooning the mixture a little at a time of the red, staying close to the layer with the spoon so as not to create a drip swirl.

Make 1/4 of soap yellow and layer over orange.  Add titanium to the final 1/4 soap and layer over yellow.

Now create a little texture on top just as you would when making meringue for a pie.

Finally, sprinkle with cinnamon.


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  1. It's gorgeous! And you chose the perfect fragrance for the colors palette. :)


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