Friday, September 14, 2012

CPSC - Street Tones Reveal

Week 2 of the Color Palette Challenge is Street Tones.  We only have 1 upload for the Street Tones so far...are you not feeling the colors, too busy, waiting for something better to come along, need me to give you more time for each palette? 

I am working on building a Pinterest board with the challenge palettes and finished soaps - a color library, click here.  Remember, Pinterest is an excellent marketing tool to show off your soaps to people who love soap.  You don't have to be a member of Pinterest to have your soaps featured there.  Everyone that posts their photos here will be placed on Pinterest.  Melt and Pour and Cold Process soapmakers can join us.  The only restriction is color.

This week, I made a greyish soap scented in Dragon's Blood.  The fragrance tinted the grey on the greenish side.  I made 2 shades of teal and drip swirled them.  I love the teal color.  It was made with 2 parts chromium oxide and 1 part ultramarine blue.  I wish the grey had stayed a true grey.  Color is the biggest challenge for me.  I have to really work to get the colors in my head into the soap.  So these challenges help me get better at making colors, especially ones I didn't think I could make.  I would have never attempted teal.

This week is a spiced palette.  Next week, I made my own color palette because I wanted there to be enough fall colors to do something interesting.  There is an added challenge for that week, so I am hoping more of you will jump on board. 

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  1. Love the color, Bonnie! It is so much fun what you can come up with when you experiment and play round with colors. :)

  2. I think you are so right. Color is hard - as is frantically trying to adjust once you have it mixed into soap. I have to say I'm in love with teal - now if I could just get it into hot process.


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